Best Betting Advice: Casino & Sports

The best betting advice seems so simple. But if you have any doubt about your ability to control your spending you must close your account and visit the website or call them for free on 0808 8020 133. 

Gamble Aware

When you know that you are able to handle your finances and not let things get carried away you can start to play. We have broken down the best betting advice below to make sure you are staying safe as well as having fun.

Security Limits

All of the best online bookmakers and online casinos now offer you the chance to limit your account. You can limit the amount that you deposit in a month. The best betting advice is even if you feel in control of your betting habits is to set them up anyway. There is always going to be ‘one more bet’ that you can make. This is where gambling can get out of control. Sometimes a limit on the account can make you take stock and ask yourself if you really need that last bet.

As with many people these days, we have more than one account. Our betting advice would be to set small limits on all of them or just select one account to play with. The more online accounts you have, the harder it is to keep track of all the online bets that you’re placing. These bets can escalate quickly and it can get out on control very quickly.

Betting Advice – Limit your accounts

Online bookmakers and online casinos are all trying to get your business. They offer ridiculous odds or free bonuses to get you to sign up. Sometimes the offers on the table are too good to turn down. The best betting advice that we can give is to try out as many online bookies as you want. Take their free bonus and have a small play with it. If you don’t like the site then don’t use it any longer. For full information about which is the best online bookie or best online casino check out our full reviews of selected partners.

Read the T&C’s

Now it’s very easy to say the best betting advice is to ‘read the t&c’s’. It has been well documented that they are getting too tough. But to make sure you’re not tripped up and you know what you’re getting into then you simply have to.

Online betting companies now have to display ‘key terms’ on all marketing material. So if you see a banner, bookies have to tell you the main terms of what the offer is. So if you have to deposit to get the ’50 Free Spins’ they have to tell you. And if the £30 Free Bet is split across online casino and sports book it has to be stated.

The proaction of the consumer is becoming more and more important. The best betting advice is to read as much as you can and try not to get tripped up by the terms.