Betting Strategy explained – Beating the house what brings all punters a great buzz! Sharing that winning betting slip and knowing that the bookie is paying you for once! We all know the aim of placing online bets; it’s to take home that all important win! You can choose a mix of strategy’s you can use when betting online; aim for the high odds with high rewards, or the longer small odds, small profits approach. Our advice would be to have a mix of both.

If you take the emotion out of betting and what you think you know, its just all about odds and probability. Don’t play the bookmaker, but also play the bookmakers edge. Also about seeing where the value lies with each bet. Also, do you place 5+ bets of small value in an accumulator and bet large amounts, or odds of high value and place small bets.

That said, the knowledge into betting on sports goes a long way. There’s nothing better than going with your gut and taking the bookies to the cleaners! The old saying lies, damn lies and statistics rings true here. You sometimes just have that feeling that there will be an upset!

Know Your Limits

One of the key rules we live by when betting is ‘only bet what you can afford to lose’. Set out your weekly budget and stick to it. We like to keep our profit and never touch it, withdrawing any winnings straight away. Online bookmakers will help you set your limits. You can set deposit limits on weekly or monthly basis to help you keep control. If you are seriously only having fun and have control this shouldn’t be a problem. It is when you play beyond your means is when the issues occur.

Betting systems and strategies are never 100% guaranteed to bring you the profit you are looking for. These simple methods are here to help you have fun in a controlled manner. Our advice to is to test out a few of the betting sites and go from there. Check out our SPORTS BETTING REVIEWS to find out which is best for you. Gather up as much information about the fixtures and make your own decisions.

Does The House Always Win?

Bookmakers always have the edge, which is where the saying ‘the house always wins’ comes from. Check out more than one sport and read up as much as you can. There has been a move to support much more sports to bet on. American Sports have come up in the last few years. Betting on the NFL and NBA can be very fruitful. They push the handicap markets a lot more so an understanding here would be preferable.

There are some people out there who are able to make a living off professional gambling. These people have a lot of time and is usually adding to another source of income. Online betting is touch and unpredictable so be cautious. Betting systems are to be fully understood before fully implementing. You always have to use a combination of your own knowledge and the betting systems you have learned about.

Trying to find an online bet that has been undervalued by the bookmaker is always helpful. There are many sites which compare the odds of online bookmakers to help you with this decision. Rather than just pulling a bet out of the air find an odd and a market that’s right for you. We have looked at some of the top online betting markets for you to bet on. This should help you get the best results in your bet-slip!

Betting Strategy – Summary

In summary to use a betting strategy you must have done a lot of research and planned out your personal allowance. Given what is at stake personally the right betting strategy can make or break your bank. Check out our FREE BETS PAGE to find the best free bet for you and your chose strategy.